Our Kitchen


Our wings are never frozen or pre-cooked like the ones at those Native or Wild places...they are always cooked fresh. In fact serving 2,000lbs of jumbo sized wings (there are no bigger wings) every week, we need to have our wings delivered multiple times every week to ensure only the freshest wings are served.  Did we mention the wings aren't "Pigeon Sized" like some places?  We buy so many jumbo, the Pigeon size is very favorable to those chain places.  No so at The Reef.

All of our beef, including the burgers, are Certified Angus Beef.  To be labeled CAB, beef must pass a bevy of quality checks and only the best beef products are granted the Certified Angus Beef label.  The Reef also was required to apply and gain a license to serve and advertise CAB.  Needless to say Certified Angus Beef is a very rare find for a bar and grill..more common in those high-end eateries with $18 burgers...Reef Burgers are Certified Angus Beef and under $8. 

The rest of our menu is equally fantastic, from the sandwiches to the soups; all are made and served with the best of everything!  While we insist on only the best meats and ingredients for our menu items we can still manage to keep costs low to offer our patrons the best quality without breaking the dine-out budget.    It doesn't have to be expensive to be good!

Taco Salad is Ridiculously Good

Of-Course The Wings!

Much More than just Wings

Over 2,000lbs of Wings Served Weekly!